The Wu family moved from the Xiali to Gaoqian, working hard to create “a land where we find our place.” This is a place of natural beauty, where one imagines the gods would choose to live.

Gaoqian Ancient Village is located to the south of Baita Basin in Xianju County, with geographical coordinates 120°E, 28°N. It is 330 kilometers from Hangzhou in the north and 120 kilometers from Taizhou in the east.

Gaoqian Ancient Village is unique in many aspects from site selection, layout, structure, function, shape to its forms of decoration and beautification. Its architectural style belongs to the Huizhou School but has some obvious differences from Huizhou School architecture, with typical architectural features, consciousness of Feng Shui and a folk aesthetic tendency typical of the Ming and Qing dynasties in southeastern Zhejiang.